Saturday, December 22, 2007

493: Ghosts and Black Dogs

Sven brought a bottle of homemade (and 54-proof!) mead, so I'm sure the quotes were flying. I just don't remember any.

Sir Padern here...The common folk are making trouble for the Duke about what they see as our betrayal of Merlin, so he sent us away for the summer on some busy-work. He recalled us, however, to fight the Saxons under Octa and Eosa outside Caister. I had a good harvest. Lady Freesia bore me a daughter. My sister Lady Beatrice died.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

492: High Crimes

—I just want to be a Candlebee.

Sir Padern here...

That's the last time we agree to help Merlin. We are resolved on it, even the pagan.

The Queen wants us dead.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

491: The Prince Dies

Quotes? Not a chance!

Sir Padern here...

That horny goat of a knight knocked my sister Beatrice up during the festivities that followed Sir Idar marrying my sister the Lady Estelle. That'll cost me (and him!), and I'm already out 6L to Idar for sis, and the cost of my own wedding to Lady Freesia. All on top of a bad harvest and the Duke practically eating me out of house and hall.

Oh, and we accompanied the Duke to Cornwall at the King's request and watched Uther betray a vassel and cause the death of Prince Maddoc.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

490: Raided!

Quotes from this long ago? Are you mad?

Sir Padern here...

Battle of Scunthorpe...that pair of treacherous Danes locked in a Lincoln, the Duchess Igraine is a hottie...I have a son, and am younger brother Franklin is knighted by the Duke.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

489: the Land Record Sheet debuts

As previously mentioned, the group last week agreed to spend the bulk of the evening's gameplay rolling up wives and trying out Greg's new Land Record Sheets and Manor Income Sheets.

Most of us were excited about the manor sheets—after all, most of the knights just got control of their manors from Duke Corneus. But rolling up wives? Hmm, seemed like something we had to finish before we got to have dessert. However, all that changed when Greg announed that we would be rolling up each other's wives, not our own. Skills, passions, traits, all left up to someone else.

Have you played Parthenon? Then you know it pays to be moderate with your power.

I don't think anyone in our Saturday group besides Greg and I have played Parthenon.


After the fur settled, Greg handed out a packet with our Land Record Sheets and Manor Income Sheets. I won't bore you with this other than to say that while I've read and heard some concern that players will minimax the extras and end up with identical manors, ours each ended up being quite different. One, the knights had different amounts of money to spend. But the big differentiator came from the yearly Manor Income Sheet: what was your manorial luck for the year? (Oh, no! The Duke came and stayed at my manor and practically ate me out of house and home!). Did your wife make her Distaff roll? Was the weather harsh?

Only manorial improvement was duplicated among the players, the apiary, but one player's manor luck resulted in the beehive going up in flames. Goodbye, duplication. And I'm still not sure what happened, but poor Adam ended up in the hole for 10 librum. Yikes! After squeezing his peasants and logging his forests and selling all his loot from Bayeaux he was still in the hole until his Generous comrades-at-arms sent him a few extra Yule gifts. Can't have a tatty-looking companion now, can we?

And that was only one year of recordkeeping. I think it's going to enliven the Winter Phase considerably, just like the Ladies Tournament will enliven Spring Court at the beginning of the year.

488: Adventures in Soissons

[Sorry about this, but I'm playing catch-up.—Suzanne]

Sirs Padern (me), Gwair (Adam), Idar (Zev), Caradoc (Alisha), and Rhun (Steve) got leave from Duke Corneus to accompany Price Madoc to the Continent to fight for Praetor Syagrius and Soissons. Sir Rhun forced open the gate at Bayeaux, we all rushed in, seemed logical at the time. The party's a mix of Christian and pagan knights, and the Christians got it in their head to "save" the goods in the church on the square in the center of Bayeaux. So, yes, we looted the church. For its own good, really.

Later, when Price Madoc blithely informed an apoplectic Syagrius that British forces would now be departing for Britain, we decided, yeah, let's go home. Even though we suspect that family of Uther's. Who wouldn't want to go home bearing shiny loot to a new wife?

We also decided that next session we will roll up our wives and play around with the Land Record Sheets and Manor Income Sheets from the forthcoming Book of the Manor.