Saturday, December 15, 2007

492: High Crimes

—I just want to be a Candlebee.

Sir Padern here...

That's the last time we agree to help Merlin. We are resolved on it, even the pagan.

The Queen wants us dead.

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Zev said...

This is what we get for trusting the son of the devil. I mourn for Sir Brastius'man, a knight I slew while serving the traitor.

My fellow knights and I stood before the king, and though there had been talk of fleeing his wrath, we stood ready to face him and accept his judgement. I have never felt prouder than the moment that Duke Corneus stood before the King and his his court declaring our worth and standing by us. That the duke would risk so much to speak for us caused my heart to fill with pride - who would not be proud to serve such a man?

We left the court, and were tarred with a name, but we chose another one. In recognition of the problems that I have had maintaining an Apiary for my beloved Lerry. They had seen the smoke rising from my burning hives, and took that as a mark of honor. We declared ourselves the Candle Bees - Sir Padern, Sir Idar, Sir Gweir, Sir Graid, Sir Ruhn, and Sir Carradoc. Whatever was ahead of us, we would face it bravely and with honor.