Sunday, December 28, 2008

527:To Rome

Lucius here....
King Arthur sent Count Edar and us Leicestermen to forage for food, before going down to Rome. We did as we were told and we made a killing. I looted and pillaged until my heart was content and came away with 34 Libra of goods. I told Ellidyr to take part and he of couse refused. he is a good lad. Perhaps too good, to the point of foolishness. Even a monestary and a nunnery gave us trouble. I was with Ellidyr on this though. I would not harm holy men or women. Even I have my limits. Ellidyr foolishly tried to help the nuns who of course had no appreciation. Bledri Actually struck one of the nuns! The man has no limits!
On the way back from the gathering of supplies Sir Amadis met up with a strange dark skinned Foreign Knight who called himself Priamus of Alexandria, of the line of Tolomy. Whatever the importance of that is. Amadis jousted the man. After 5 passes neither could get the better of each other so the stranger called it a tie and he drank to their prowess. A strange custom and one that Amadis apparently liked because he has decided to adopt the custom. Priamus is a prince in his lands or something and he healed Amadis wounds with what he called the waters of the two holy rivers. Hmmmm.... whatever.
Before getting the goods back to Arthur we were attacked by the army that Priamus had warned us about. The King of the Vandals was leading the army he said. I am not sure where Vandal land is but we did not care. Priamus fought with us and somehow he used a strange influence ( Magic?) to cause the other saracens in the army to flee the field. It was Amazing!
With Count Edar leading the battle we pummled the Vandal King. I was with Edar's reserve party and we charged in pursuit when the enemy army was broken. Sir Bledri led our unit through most of the battle until those damned Crossbowmen shot his horse out from under him. Amadis picked up the slack though and we clearly whipped the Vandal army. I watched Young Ellidyr and he did well. It seems my training is helping. He is very good with a blade thanks to me.
After the battle we delivered the news and goods to Arthur who was most pleased and a little intrigued by our new foreign friend. Arthur said " On to Rome!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rome was not what I thought it would be. During the siege I led some raids around the surrounding lands and collected over30 more Libra in goods over the next month. Arthur then finally spoke to the Pope, and he agreed to surrender to our King.
Edar was able to get his marriage to Queen Elaine Annuled and now next year he will Bring The Norweigian girl valerie and his two children to Leicester, and marry her. Clever dog!
I stayed in rome for 5 monthes and made a lot of contacts among the senators and poerful nobles of Rome. They were trying to use me for their own ends just as I was using them. I led them to believe that I could gain Arthurs ear. Even though the only contact I had was Edar.
I was able to find a fine and Aristocratic beautiful Roman wife, Olivia. She is all that a man could want. Clever , elegant and gorgeous.
On the downside, my quest for a rich orphabed boy to be my ward was not good. I have discovered that he is poor and a victim of politics and just another mouth for me to feed, Guido they call him, and he's dumb as pig balls. In short, Rome was not as Powerful as I expected and her Glory days are over, but she still has enough beauty and sophistication to be counted among the most worthy cities in the world.
Bledri disassembled two of their Roman monuments and took them home by sea to Britian! One Priamus said was an obelisk with an elephant that was from his egyptian homeland so Bledri boxed it up and took it. Also he took something called the statue of David. He put it in Leicester. Ellidyr and Aedon lived with the Roman monks and as tourists tried to see every worthy religious site in the area. Both men are good warrriors but we need to get rid of this religious zeolousness. Edar sailed his one ship, the " Beehive" back to London , and Bledri sent his monuments by boat, but everyone else traveled overland. In a mere two monthes we were home again and telling stories by the fire. I was happy showing off my wife, my new Partial platemail, and my 10 librum worth of Roman art and jewelry. Also there was a jewish apothecary who sold me a jar of red ungent that he says will aid in healing the most grievous of wounds. It cost 15 libra but i feel that it will be worth it! Rome..... splendid, magnificent, dirty, cruel, and decadent. I have learned in my recent travels that truly...... Britian is the best and most powerful kingdom on earth!

Sir Bledri here.
Ah, Rome. What can I say about Rome? A very rich land. Well, not as rich lately. The spoils of war were greater than any other campaign i have been in. The Roman army was not as great as i thought it would be. yet they did have this annoying habit of killing our horses. i think we shall have to do something about that. maybe we can put chainmail on them.Happily when we returned, our neighbors hadn't stolen all of our county, only part of it. It seems our king is going to right this wrong, so that is good news. And I have been made a Round Table Knight! I am happy to serve my king, though i hope i will not be separated from my fellow Candlebees by my duties. Truly, an honor and a great responsiblity.oh, and i brought the statue of David back from Rome. Yes, that statue of David. Sweet.

Sir Amadis here
More fighting on the Continent. Pretty countryside, yes, but it's no Leicester.
As we closed in on Rome I met a strange knight, the Lion of Tollomy, a Sir Primus from Alexandria. We jousted--he did alright for a foreigner. Nice enough chap. We saw him occasionally while in Rome enjoying the spoils of our fight; Bledri got some advice from him as to which monuments would be best suited for transport home to Leicester.
I also picked up a wife, a fine Spanish woman, Desdemona. No Scathach, but fiery in her own way. We were married and back home to Leicester by Christmas.

526: Continental Campaign

Sir Ellidyr here......

Well.... last year Count Edar decided that I was too tender of age and too inexperienced to go to the Continent and join battle. Of course he is wise and I accepted his decision without question as one ought to do. I served garrison duty under Sir Lucius, and we had quite a time trying to guard our count's borders. Lambor, Lonazep,and Bedegraine were the culprits. They shamelessly annexed parts of my count's lands. We were too undermanned to halt them. If it had just been one county then maybe we could have , but all three working together... imposible!
We heard later in the year that our Lord needed yet more of us to come to the continent as reserve reinforcements. We were told by a messenger that accompanied men of the first contingent that had returned home to Leicester. What a sight. They were sick, maimed and disheartened for the most part. Though some loot did come back. I wondered how these new men who were wounded were supposed to guard our borders. I am still afraid that we will return to find our count's lands gone. I am trying to put it out of my mind andfocus on the task at hand. My ord needs me on the continent so off to portsmouth I go. I must pray to God that he aids us so that we do not end up like the first contingent did.

Sir Lucius here...
So after trying to guard my lord's lands with only mild success, we were shipped to the continent, right where I didnt want to go.Large battles cause many deaths. But I would finally get to see the glory of old Rome where my ancestors flourished and shaped the world. Our first battle was at Geneva and after an entire day of fighting it was a draw. The Roman's had the strangest army I had ever seen. Black skinned ethiopians, pony mounted bowmen called huns, and italian crossbowmen with heavy bolts, and Byzantine knights with roman infantry, and a slew of other strange troops. I was truly impressed. Our own British knights were very good as well though to hold the battle to a standstill. I took only one superficial wound in the battle and even young Ellidyr who I have been mentoring took but one flesh wound. I hear that next we will be going through Tuscany, Milan and Genoa where the populace will give us no trouble as thet recognize the greatness of our high king. I can hardly wait to see Rome in all it's splendor!

Sir Amadis here
My special lady friend Scathath and her hulk of a brother seem to be coming around...we've been arm-wrestling. Sometimes I win.
She has beautiful biceps, my lady does.
I thought of that much while recuperating at the monastary outside Paris. I had the misfortune of falling in the first charge; either my horse's leg broke, or he stumbled upon some disfigurement in the ground, because my seat dropped out from under me, and I tumbled to the ground. Fortunately I landed on my side in the turf; the spear that struck me went completely through! Haven't had that happen before. Hurt less than I thought it would.
But when I was taken to the chirugen, at this monastary, there were some many injured men the monks said I was lucky to find space in one of the outbuildings. It was the shed where they housed the swine. A knight who lay near me, and who said that before he took service with his lord he had been a farmer, said that swine and bleeding wounds to not mix well; he died that night, but others spoke the same. I too almost died, and do not remember many weeks. When I felt well enough to stand, I had Evain, now a knight but still my squire at heart, take me out of there and back to the army, where I finished convalescing in the baggage train. By the time Arthur reached Geneva I felt well enough to fight, though my wound still oozed.
My sweet, sweet fighting lady fell on the field outside Geneva, and my good friend Sir Bledri saw to it that I got good and drunk that night. Goodbye, dear Scathach!
(I also sent home 8L in goods and chattel to my family in Nethersby.)