Saturday, December 22, 2007

493: Ghosts and Black Dogs

Sven brought a bottle of homemade (and 54-proof!) mead, so I'm sure the quotes were flying. I just don't remember any.

Sir Padern here...The common folk are making trouble for the Duke about what they see as our betrayal of Merlin, so he sent us away for the summer on some busy-work. He recalled us, however, to fight the Saxons under Octa and Eosa outside Caister. I had a good harvest. Lady Freesia bore me a daughter. My sister Lady Beatrice died.

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Zev said...

Sir Idar heere... I feel that it is important to consider the actions we took for the Duke, even if they did begin as busy work. We set off into the woods to investigate reports of strange happenings. My Manor at Allington is not far from these woods, and Woolsthorpe is in the middle of them, so this was important to me. We entered the woods and even I have to admit to losing the path once or twice. That night we were beset by black dogs. These beasts were so terrible that even we candlebees were shanken when we first fought them, but we were able to drive them away. We made our way to Grantham manor and discovered that a barrow had been opened and desecrated. The souls that had been laid to rest inside tried to slay us, but we triumphed over them. After the battle we resealed the barrow. The next day we could see the forest returning to normal. I also had a great sorrow, My wife and Sir Padern's sister, the Lady Estelle died while delivering my daughter. Without her mother, the baby did not last the night. It appears that there will be much grieving in manors throughout Lindsey.