Sunday, June 27, 2010

557 AD : Pigmanship & Carnitas!

Sir Extavias here.....

What a year. Count Agwar was , like the rest of us Candlebees, very worried about the state of Leicester. A large percentage of our people had died, and many were sick unto death from lack of nourishment. I myself had only been having meat with my meals 2 days a week, to conserve , and it was all mutton or dried fish. no chicken , pork , and especially NO BEEF! A travesty.

Even our Great chief steward Sir Cynfyn was at a loss. It was decided among us Candlebees that we must find a way to feed our peasants. Count Edar had been a paragon in taking care of his people, so it was a lesson we learned well.

As a Round Table knight I was going to go to the King and ask for a writ to release Grain to our people. Surely our king would see our need and grant it? Just in case we scraped together what coin we had, Thuedic , Rambeux , and Myself. We had just iver 100 Libra in coin! Surely enough to feed our peasants for a year , maybe two. We were hopeful as we left towards Camelot.

Once we talked with the King ( who was to ill to speak much ) , Sir Constantin confirmed our worst fears. The graineries were empty and there was nothing to spare! We were on our own.

While we were ther however ther Great Pentecost feast was had. Though the fair was more meager than I ever remembered , it was adequate. And the best part was the tourney afterwards! We Candlbees did well , but not enough to attract the Kings notice... Until the Joust! That is when Sir Rambeaux showed that a Saxon Knight was the Best in the Realm! He was the first Candlebee to ever win the Joust at a Pentecost Tourney except Count Ear Himself! Granted, Lancelot, Gareth, Percival, Trystan, Palomydes, Gawaine, And Many others round Table greats were not present... But still , those that were present were nothing to scoff at. In the Final match Sir Rambeaux defeated Sir Griflet! Sure Marshel Griflet is getting older and rarely participates anymore.. But what a feat to remember anyway! He won several Beautiful French Tapestries, and we all tasted sir Tors 50 different french wines! my companions were soon drunk , but not me! I remember too well that my father was said to have a weakness for fine wines.I would not make the same mistake! I ate but little. I could not over indulge when the people of Leicester were starving , though I must confess that the spiced Capon with the cherry sauce was most delicious!

After the Tourney Sir Rambeaux spoke to The King who asked Rambeaux to deliver one of three messages. One to Cornwall, Cheshire , or to The North beyond the wall. Of Course Rambeaux chose North because the message was for Sir Mordred , our very great friend!

At once Rambeaux left with all haste. Since Thuedic and Myself had to lead our wives and household to London To purchase food, we told Sir Rambeaux that we would meet him at Edinburgh , after dropping the food and families off at Leicester.

After getting food in London, And not much of it , as prices were 10 times what they had ben a year ago, we were riding to Leicester and were assaulted by Bandits! Someone called them starving and desperate peasants! Rubbish! If you try to take things from a noble by force, then you are a bandit.

However, shortly after we repelled the bastards , two black knights with red cockades set upon us without warming and attempted to joust us down! It was a strange episode. Not sure why they did so , but one of the priests traveling with us said the knights were Angels sent from God that were trying to punish us for our treatment of the peasants that attacked us. Ludicris bastard! Shoulda hung him.

It seems that Sir Rambeaux also met an " Angel " as well , only his was all in white. Britian is going to hell.

We made it North and met at Edinburgh. We attempted to locate Sir Mordred but had no luck for a bit. Finally at the castle Pilgrim , the Lady there who was quite nice to us , me in particular( I think she liked my looks, Theudic said!) , and told us we might try his favorite hunting lodge which was nearby. So we did and as luck would have it , he was there with many companions. We delivered the message but he didnt even open it for three days. In the meantime we hunted and hawked ( I won both! Mordred was suitably impressed) and then Sir Thuedic showed them his skills at Bullfighting!!!!Though he stole my thunder , i can not care. He is a dear boy and was a good squire. His father was like a father to me, and He taught me to bullfight as well. Thuedics skills as a bullfighter are better than my own , however , and watching him I couldnt help but be reminded of good old Amadis.

We asked Mordred what adventurous knights might do up here? We wre in the mood to adventure. Were there any monsters to vanquish? He said in these parts that there was a Giant Boar , the size of a destrier , and that animal harassed the people of this land. He said all knights in their right minds feared to attack the Beast. Luckily for them we are Candlebees! We are NEVER in our right mind. We hunted til we found the beast and when we did Sir Theudic destroyed it. It was huge and slathering and spitting its saliva of acid that pitted sir Rambeaux's armor! In the end Rambeaux took the day, my horse was killed and we had Carnitas that night. Carnitas are something Amadis learned to cook in Spain , that he passed to Thuedic. One strange thing was That there was a strange looking man that sat astride the Large Boar and shot at us with his bow!He rode well, exhibiting exceptional Pigmanship. He was a nice shot too. He killed my favorite old charger. I was saddened , but it was his time. We butchered it and ate well. We were excited to tell Sir Mordred but his men said that he had left hurridley after he finally opened his message from the King. We made our way to Camelot and spoke with the King.On the way to Court we met up with none other than the great Sir Lancelot du Lac. He was walking! We lent him a horse , and accompanied him to court. Then the strangest things began to happen. All over the Land as we rode toward Camelot , the landscape changed and began to become greener , and within A matter of hours the Land was suddenly vibrant and looked often as it did right before a nice ripe harvest! A MIRACLE! At Court Lancelot and 10 other knights swore before God that they had seen the Grail! Though it was Sir Galehad and sir Bors that were reputed to have brought the cup to the KING. The King was wonderful. It was like his sickness had vanished. He was hardy and hale , and when we saw him it seemed he could not stop eating. As Long as I live I will never understand the mysteries of the world! We stayed at court for a while and boasted of Rambeaux's deeds! I think the court is really starting to notice him. He will be a roundtable knight soon, mark my words! Then we went home to Leicester , fed our people best we could and tried TO MAKE CHILDREN. I was unsuccessful again at that this year. I have had two different wives and 8 years to make an heir , and yet still I do not have one. It may be time to admit that the trouble lies with me , and not the wives. But with the land replenishde Perhaps so to my loins will be replenished?! I will try harder until next winter.

556 AD : No Time for Rest!!!

After surviving our run in with the devil's fire belching demon that tore down the walls of Camelot, and destroying it , the King feasted us with the best fare he could muster ( though seneshal Constantin looked troubled by the amount we ate ) , and all was merry! Many knights returned from the grail quest , Gawaine among them, and told their tales of bravery.Also more shields arrived to hang on the Great Oak tree. The shields of those Round table knights that are known to have died on the Grail quest. The number of shields on that tree stood at 51 the day of the feast. The King decided to look upon his Great round Table. He was in a Moprose mood, butto his delight, and the delight of the entire court, when he entered the chamber he saw a most miraculous thing! Count Edar, our most beloved ruler of Leicester , whose name had faded from the table only a year before was Alive! If the table could be believed, that is. And the table has never been wrong before! Also My mentor and friend Sir Amadis the Brave was back from the dead too it seemed! I immediately went to the Great Oak and cut down their shields so that I could bear them back to Leicester and tell his people. That would give them something to celebrate in these dark times.
Shortly after that fine discovery, Our Lord King needed rest. His sickness was still upon him and Though he was happy, he was tired. I was overjoyed when lord Gawaine announced ( after speaking quietly with our Lord King), That all who aquitted themselves well at the battle against Cornwall and the evil king Mark, and that had a high reputation were to be made knights of the Table Round to fill out the missing 49 seats. I have no real words to describe my joy. I would be made a Peer of the Round Table as would my lord Agwar Count Of Leicester! My Father, the Great Brandegoris of the Hambone , Lord of Tilton , and Hero Of Badon, would be proud. Finally I feel redeamed. I am old, but now i am fulfilled. The only sadness that was in me was that the King was too ill to Knight me with his own Hand. Sir Gawaine Did the honors in the Kings name however and He is as good and hardy a Knight as any living! And of the Orkney clan which are our great friiends , so I was pleased nonetheless.
As a further reward I was given a new Bride. A fine and Plump lady from Jagent. Pictish heritage ( complete with exotic blue tatoos ), and a widower with a fine manor called CombeSydenham. Also the king gave me a further grant of 10 Libra per year in coin from my marriage as reward.
Our joy did not last long , however. As we were preparing to go to war against Cornwall and destroy King Mark once and for all , we had word that there was a large invasion near Cirencester! The King asked his knights to leave Cornwall for the moment and repel the invaders to the North. We were mightily dissapointed. Some of us had sworn Oaths to Kill Mark and see his Kingdom topple. But it seemed like any other Rat, he would survive to wreak havoc another day.
We got to Cirencester and Lo! It was none other than the Pirate Lord of the outer Isles... King Brian. Since Lord Galeholt had died this Brian had grown strong. Too strong! But that day after several hours of hard fought battle we put them to flight. We were ever so close to their total destruction , but alas, like the curs that they are , they escaped with their tails between their legs.
I went home to Leicester and was made a Candlebee , along with Sir Amadis' son, and my old squire , sir Theudic. We tried to relax as best we could , but its hard to relax when the only sounds you hear are the wailing of women and childern that our starving and living in poverty. We had ben gone for but one season , yet in that time it seemed that it had been 10 years of spreading wasteland that had descended upon our lands. Many had died. The year had started so well, and I had had my finest and most glorious year , and yet it was overshadowed by the famine and disease of Leicester. I can not help but feel that we may have displeased God mightily. I may ask the Bishop in Malahaut to write our most beloved pope and ask his advice. nothing else seems to be working. The evil doers get more powerful in these lean times and the good suffer. I will pray and see what answers God grants me.