Tuesday, November 27, 2007

488: Adventures in Soissons

[Sorry about this, but I'm playing catch-up.—Suzanne]

Sirs Padern (me), Gwair (Adam), Idar (Zev), Caradoc (Alisha), and Rhun (Steve) got leave from Duke Corneus to accompany Price Madoc to the Continent to fight for Praetor Syagrius and Soissons. Sir Rhun forced open the gate at Bayeaux, we all rushed in, and...it seemed logical at the time. The party's a mix of Christian and pagan knights, and the Christians got it in their head to "save" the goods in the church on the square in the center of Bayeaux. So, yes, we looted the church. For its own good, really.

Later, when Price Madoc blithely informed an apoplectic Syagrius that British forces would now be departing for Britain, we decided, yeah, let's go home. Even though we suspect that family of Uther's. Who wouldn't want to go home bearing shiny loot to a new wife?

We also decided that next session we will roll up our wives and play around with the Land Record Sheets and Manor Income Sheets from the forthcoming Book of the Manor.

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Zev said...

Lets not forget that we did protect Syagrius as we were comanded, and that one of our Duke's men was gravely injured in protecting him from a cowardly Frankish ambush!

Uther and his family are not to be trusted. If his own son would turn his back on his father's pledge, then we must be ready should our Duke find himself at a loss after looking to Madoc or his father for aid. I would not want it said that I was too busy serving a foreign lord during Duke Corneus' time of need.