Monday, August 24, 2009

543: Merionydd or Bust!!!!!!

The LONELY sir Extavias........
Count Edar left to the Funeral of Sir Borre and from ther he was going to the dean forest to set a pace to Merionydd and to save his heir and the children of leicester. My Lord is so noble that I can not imagine ever serving another! Apparently ( according to Sir Amadis ) a bone whistle was captured during last years battle by sir aedon and if my Lords party can reach Herford in the dean forest they can use it to reach Cader Idris swiftly. I wished so badly to go with my count, but sadly he said no. So now I sit at Tilton and await news like a pregnant wife! Count Edar did leave me in a good position however. A position of honour! Deputy castellan of Leicester itself!!!!!! Sir Gwalchmai congradulated me on the post before he went North to Count Derfel of Lincoln, his master. Sir Gwalchmai is so angry that his Lord would not give him leave to aid my count, as they have been friends for a lifetime. But it is well known that count Derfel is too jealous of My Lord Edar, and would never aid him in any wise. So now I sit waiting for word. Count Edar took with him only his most trusted companions..... Sir CynFyn, Sir Amadis, and Sir Aedon! CynFyn wanted to take many more knights, but my Lord refused. He said only that if Sir Gherrin came back from his errands in the North, then to send him on to find them. I begged to go but Count edar only laughed and said that he did not want to lose ALL the heirs of the Ironmen of Leicester in one fell swoop, and that if they fell..... i would be the last and most impotant of that line...... How sad......... I think, i tuck myself in tonight and wonder where my brave companions are tonight.............

542: Battle at Amren's Crossing!

Sir Extavias here.....
Though I was not present I heard from Sir Amadis , all of the details......
Archbishop Dewi has been scaring the local peasantry with his priests by spreading the word that he may have to Excommunicate Count Edar again for not punishing the other Candlebee's for their insobordination. As such, the local pagans , of which there are many, have begun to harass and scare the christian peasants. They have been dressing like beasts and like ghouls and scaring them at night. It has been increasing in intensity. it did not take long for livestock do be killed or stolen, and then the unthinkable happened......!!!!!!! Children began to go missing!!!! Well Count Edar acted immediately. All knights and soldiers were put on constant patrol, and for a while it seemed to be working, until Sir Cynfyn, Amadis, Gherrin, And that crazy french knight, sir drogo and our Own Irish Prince Sir Aedon, all were at Amrens crossing one night. They had been out patroling and had stopped to stay the night at sir amren's manor. He is a young knight, only 23 years old and with a newborn child. He is well liked and is the grandson of sir tadicus, an original Ironman of Britian! Brilliant!
Well I get the story mixed up but to make it short..... The Manor was attacked by 3 devil knights, with their ogre pet and black dog servants!!!!!! And a sorcerer with a " Pet" wyrm!!!! As well as A warlord that was later revealed to be Sir Dewi's underpriest and right hand man......!!!! All were slain except for the sorcerer who barely escaped the wrath of the irish prince aedon!!! Aedon was once again mighty at arms and saved many of his companions!!!! I am begining to believe the irish are great heroes and not the thieving, cowardly , liars that other briton's make them out to be. King Anguish's son is one of the most noble men that ever I have met.
After the battle Dewis henchman was questioned. It was difficult for he was laughing mad and little sense could be made of what he said, but he stated that the Archbishop was a pawn and a fool, and that even now he lay in prision in Merionydd under Cader Idris, and that King gurglan of that country expected Count Edar himself to go into that country and give himself in captivity and for sacrifice to the king or else all of the abducted children of Leicester would perish( and to everyones horror that meant Edar the younger, our counts Grandson who fell During the battle of anrens crossing and was secreted out of there).When asked why this was happening the reply was that King Gurglan who had lived for centuries, needed a sacrifice to prolong his immortality. However to do it best he must have a true Hero. Thus count Edar who is known In Kiev, constantinople , trebizond. epypt, spain, the continent, norway and denmark, and all places in between. Sir Gwalchmai offered to die in my Lords stead( a very generous and brave thing to do) but even though very glorious he is not nearly as glorious as my Lord..... It was told that only my counts heart or the heart of King Arthur , Sir Lancelot, or Sir Tristram would do. A shame. And to sum up the year we heard that King Arthurs son and heir apparent Sir Borre died of an arrow wound while helping the de ganis liberate their lands. Also His only other son, Sir Loholt has been unaccounted for for the last 3 years. Arthur was distraught and we attended the funeral at the Giants Dance where Uther, Ambrosius and other vgreat men are buried. I Noted the burial place being kept warm for our Lord Arthur and it sent shivers up my spine. What will become of our Land if Arthur dies? Best not to ponder that. A horrible and dark year it has been indeed.

Monday, August 3, 2009

541: The Missing King !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sir Extavias reporting....
What a year. I accompanied my Lord Young Edar to Camelot to Give the De Ganis clan their money that was owed them. Some 200 + Libra!!!!!! Just outside og the splendid city we ran across Sir LAncelot Himself. It was the first time I had ever met him, and by God.. What an excellent fellow he seemed. He simply Told Us to Give the Money to Arthur for the Back Taxes that we owed The High King when My Count had been in Rebellion. What a gentleman!
We went To Camelot and did just that! We were in the second hall and took in all the sites og Camelot! It is the greatest and most splendid city in the world no doubt! Even better than Constantinople I hear! I believe it too. We Met with the King and he is Truly the most Gracious Lord a Knight could have. A truly noble man! But his wife is even more unbelievable......A true..... Godess!!!!!!! I would give my bones for a mere kind word from her. It was the first Time I had ever met her, and I swear that I will never know love unless it be that lady. I would fight sir lancelot himself. or Sor Tristram, the best knights of the world, if she would simply speak to me or even glance my way and smile....... !!!!!!!! Pure beauty!
But enough of that....... there are serious matters to attend to.
As we woke the next morning sir constantine made a hue and crie that the King had Vanished from his room. After some questioning we all knew it was sorcery, because There had been other retainers in his room and they had seen nothing of his abduction. All the knights of the realm then left to scour the lowlands and find our missing king.... Including ourselves.
But a funny thing happened..... None of us could agree on whhere to look. I said It had to be Morgan Le fey, and so we should go to the oeninsila of Wirral which is her stronghold. No one agreed. Sor Gherrin said it ws the saxon witch Camille come back to life in Anglia and we should look there. None agreed. Sir Drogo said perhaps it is in the welsh lands, where the old pagan sorcerers are strongest? No one agreed. I wished sir CynFyn were there but he was at his manor being very melencholy since he found out that last year just before returning from the continent, Count Bedegraine had raided our lands and the brave peasent family that he called the Carters( which had once saved his life), had been killed in the raid. So Young Edar suggested that there were cyrsed wastelands in the North near Malahaut and we should go there. No one agreed. In the End sir Amadis said, forget it!!!!! We have no chance of Finding King Arthur. Its a needle in a haystack, and since one place is as good as another........... Lets go get some vengence on Bedegraine!!!! So we did. We raides a few manors and each got a few Librum, and then we went over to the Manor of Bunny and gave Sir CynFyns wife the proceeds. I hope that helped alleviate some of his melancholia! The as we were returning we were met at a desecrated graveyard by 5 huge deadly beasts which Sir Aedon called Hyenas!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus were they ugly and did they smell bad!!!!!!! We tried to fight them but me and Amadis went down as did Sir gherrin. Sir Edar the Younger was able to hill one of the five, but it was actually our Irish Prince Sir Aedon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He killed the other 4 and saved our lives. He was like a man possessed. I have never seen a man fight better unless he be Sir Lamorak or perhaps sir Palomydes or Lancelot. Outstanding.
After that fight we were all much too hurt to go on so we went home to tend our Manor's and lick our wounds.
I had a very bad harvest and was doomed to debt before my old master Sir Amadis gifted me with 12 Librum to keep the manor going. What a great companion!!!! Well. Hopefully next year will be more productive.