Monday, August 3, 2009

541: The Missing King !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sir Extavias reporting....
What a year. I accompanied my Lord Young Edar to Camelot to Give the De Ganis clan their money that was owed them. Some 200 + Libra!!!!!! Just outside og the splendid city we ran across Sir LAncelot Himself. It was the first time I had ever met him, and by God.. What an excellent fellow he seemed. He simply Told Us to Give the Money to Arthur for the Back Taxes that we owed The High King when My Count had been in Rebellion. What a gentleman!
We went To Camelot and did just that! We were in the second hall and took in all the sites og Camelot! It is the greatest and most splendid city in the world no doubt! Even better than Constantinople I hear! I believe it too. We Met with the King and he is Truly the most Gracious Lord a Knight could have. A truly noble man! But his wife is even more unbelievable......A true..... Godess!!!!!!! I would give my bones for a mere kind word from her. It was the first Time I had ever met her, and I swear that I will never know love unless it be that lady. I would fight sir lancelot himself. or Sor Tristram, the best knights of the world, if she would simply speak to me or even glance my way and smile....... !!!!!!!! Pure beauty!
But enough of that....... there are serious matters to attend to.
As we woke the next morning sir constantine made a hue and crie that the King had Vanished from his room. After some questioning we all knew it was sorcery, because There had been other retainers in his room and they had seen nothing of his abduction. All the knights of the realm then left to scour the lowlands and find our missing king.... Including ourselves.
But a funny thing happened..... None of us could agree on whhere to look. I said It had to be Morgan Le fey, and so we should go to the oeninsila of Wirral which is her stronghold. No one agreed. Sor Gherrin said it ws the saxon witch Camille come back to life in Anglia and we should look there. None agreed. Sir Drogo said perhaps it is in the welsh lands, where the old pagan sorcerers are strongest? No one agreed. I wished sir CynFyn were there but he was at his manor being very melencholy since he found out that last year just before returning from the continent, Count Bedegraine had raided our lands and the brave peasent family that he called the Carters( which had once saved his life), had been killed in the raid. So Young Edar suggested that there were cyrsed wastelands in the North near Malahaut and we should go there. No one agreed. In the End sir Amadis said, forget it!!!!! We have no chance of Finding King Arthur. Its a needle in a haystack, and since one place is as good as another........... Lets go get some vengence on Bedegraine!!!! So we did. We raides a few manors and each got a few Librum, and then we went over to the Manor of Bunny and gave Sir CynFyns wife the proceeds. I hope that helped alleviate some of his melancholia! The as we were returning we were met at a desecrated graveyard by 5 huge deadly beasts which Sir Aedon called Hyenas!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus were they ugly and did they smell bad!!!!!!! We tried to fight them but me and Amadis went down as did Sir gherrin. Sir Edar the Younger was able to hill one of the five, but it was actually our Irish Prince Sir Aedon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He killed the other 4 and saved our lives. He was like a man possessed. I have never seen a man fight better unless he be Sir Lamorak or perhaps sir Palomydes or Lancelot. Outstanding.
After that fight we were all much too hurt to go on so we went home to tend our Manor's and lick our wounds.
I had a very bad harvest and was doomed to debt before my old master Sir Amadis gifted me with 12 Librum to keep the manor going. What a great companion!!!! Well. Hopefully next year will be more productive.

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