Sunday, April 27, 2008

504: Expanding Lindsey

Brandegoris speaks of 504

We were looking forward to a nice quiet year so we candlebees went to Tilton, my manor, to check out the shape it was in. I met a very outspoken and semi-clever peasant named Samuel who told me that he had led the other commoners in guarding my orchard when the villanous sir Uffo ordered them to burn it down. I promptly made Samuel my Bailiff and Padern gave me the funds to get new equipment so that I could get my villagers started on making my manor proper.
I had of course spent all I had 6L, on the pillar of resistance which sits in the market square at leicester and commemorates last years " Victory" over the Malahaut Saxons. It commemorates the young Sir Merin who was so unfortunate in that battle, as well as all other candlebees who were slain.
After Tilton we went to check Paderns new property of Medbourne. As we were looking through it we discovered a new occupant. A knight and Squire. The knight was wounded and we nursed him back to help. He healed very quickly in fact. And he was dressed magnificently, as was his squire. I thought them foreigners from some far off court but they spoke british perfectly, no...musically actually.
The knight who's name I can't remember( It seems to slip away actually every time I think Ive got it) asked us to aid him in his quest to kill an evil knight. A fiendish villian in fact. We swore to it and soon were in the savage forest where Gwair met his dead wife and dead children. She of course was a spawn of satan as were the kids, so padern killed 'em. We also found Brastias and his men and brought them out of the forest as well, and we did fight the fiendish knight who had captured a most noble lady. We whipped him and his men and I dealt him a blow that would have brought down a Elephant. But he somehow recovered and even got the shape of his face back. He put a curse on me and now ( as if we doubted it before) we KNEW we were dealing with faeries. Since we did win however he gave us each one gift of his pleasing if it was within his power to grant. Padern figured him to be magical since his skull had uncracked and seemed just fine. Avitus our knew roman knight companion, demanded only the safe return of the captured lady which was granted. Padern is a strong and bold warrior, but as he is my companion I can say that he is very concerned over his fading looks and asked the whoreson devil for a makeover. I must say that when he awoke the next morning ahe looked 10 years younger. Even some of his scars were gone. I wished for the curse to be lifted and it was. I cant recall what Gwair wished for but Im sure it was to do with breasts or something. We got back to Leicester with a magical Horn which will call fey knights to our need, and we gave it to our count. Then we all made a sacred vow to Never enter that damned forest again!

Crusty ol' Padern here

When he explained it to me in the hall, I thought he was nuts, but now that it's built I must say that Sir Brandegoris's idea was top-notch. We Candlebees have been tossing denarii to the pages at Count Idar's court so that they keep the Pillar of Resistance immaculate. No dust or hand smudges for our monument to ourselves!

Lordly Count Idar, King Candlebee and Light of Lindsey, gave the word and now we, his faithful servants, are setting his plans for expansion into motion. Sir Gwair is taking an active hand in his son's estate of Lilbourn, Sir Brandegoris is fortifying Tilton-on-the-hill, and I am trying to get the peasants to begin working the fields of Medbourn. As to the matter of raising the tower walls, I'm afraid I will need professional assistance with that as I have no eye or mind to siegework...I'm looking around for suitable employees. Including a steward. Lindsay may be gone, damn those Saxons, but we can make it anew around the city of Leicester.

As to my "makeover," I do admit I'm looking (and feeling) a bit like Sir Rhun here.

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