Sunday, April 27, 2008

503: Exactly What Happened?

Brandegoris here...

Its been a very eventful three years. So eventful in fact that I haven't had any time to have the scribe Gudovan put my words to paper. Where to begin? Lets see....

503... A very interesting year indeed. The most memorable thing indeed was when the knights of Lindsey joined King Nanteleod in battling Malahaut and its saxons. We had a great battle against those northern foes and were going to pursue them to their capitol, but alas the "KING" of Sorestan threatened to pillage our lands and we had to return. Shortly after we heard that Malahaut and Sorestan had joined together so we met them in the flatlands north of Newark. They outnumbered our host 2 to 1. We fought like demons and they called it a draw, going back to their homes to lick their wounds. They won't be back I'm sure, for who would want to fight men like us twice?!

Of course earlier in the year I had insulted Sir Uffo son of Duke Ulfius while at a council in Leicester. I couldnt help it. We have a past, me and him. Of course while I was fighting Malahaut in the north the ruffian attacked my manor and scared my wife half to death. It's been two very harrowing years in a row for her. I'm begining to question whether Tilton is cursed or not.

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