Friday, September 5, 2008


We're not gaming this Saturday, but I thought you might enjoy some photos Greg took while in Leicestershire:
I imagine that's what old Sir Padern would've seen standing outside Leicester looking toward the manor of his friend and companion Sir Brandegoris. The dark line of trees in the background is on a ridge—the ridge upon which sits Tilton-on-the-hill. It's funny; when we all sat around looking at Greg's map of Count Idar's lands in Leicestershire, we thought Tilton was actually on a hill.

Every time we get a character who can read, they die. So maybe the sign or one like it is there in our campaign...I'm sure our knights would look on it as simply a hitching post.

Oh, and Skeltington? Those guys are bastards. Everybody in Tilton knows it.

Ah, the Pillar of Resistance. Almost all of the Candlebee's names are on it now, and their corpses buried around the old duchy. Out of that group of Lindsey resistance fighters, who survived St. Alban's and the Saxon onslaught, only Idar and Bledri are left, with Idar the only surviving original member. Even the duchy of Lindsey didn't survive, as Arthur partioned it into counties between Idar in Leicester and Dyrfel in Lincoln, plus a little for the lord of Lambor...and the Black Annis. That's right; we haven't forgotten her.

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